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Piloswine is a Ice/Ground-type Swine Pokémon.

It evolved form of Swinub and evolves into Mamoswine when leveled up while knowning AncientPower.


Piloswine is a big, brown, furry Pokémon with an impressive hump on its back. It also has two tusks made of ice, which seem small but can be lethal. These tusks thicken when it snows, and they are smaller on a female Piloswine than on a male. It has floppy ears that are sensitive to sound. Piloswine has two beady eyes in its head; however, these are usually covered up by tufts of fur. As it is usually unable to see, it checks surroundings with its sensitive pig-like nose instead. Its hair is so long that it usually covers its small, hoofed legs. Despite the small size of its legs, its hooves ensure even footing on icy ground. Piloswine tend to inhabit cold places, such as icy caves, mountainous regions and frozen tundra. It often digs for food buried beneath snow and ice.